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"Say it before you run out of time. Say it before it’s too late. Say what you’re feeling. Waiting is a mistake." 

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nothing haunts us like the things we don’t say.

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Design Crush


Design Crush


Kyoto Old Town 京都の古い町 by timstuart on Flickr.


Kyoto Old Town 京都の古い町 by timstuart on Flickr.

Open Water Nats 2014 

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Not excellent but still better than expected. 

Time to put my rashguard/shades aside for awhile. 

"A relationship without trust is like a car without gas. You can stay in it all you want, but it won’t go anywhere." 

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Stormy singapore on Flickr.

Stormy singapore on Flickr.

"No one really knows why they are alive until they know what they’d die for." 

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Life is unfair. You put someone first who puts you second. You study your ass off for a final only to get a C. You give 110% to someone in a relationship who only gives 40%. You’re there for a best friend at 3:00am and the next day they don’t pick up their phone. It seems like you’re giving everyone everything and they’re just walking away with it.

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"Sometimes not telling people anything is a good thing." 

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